Dog Walking, Day Care, Home Boarding


For owners who can't get home to walk their dogs, but  like them to be in the familiar surrounding of their own home during the day, we provide half hour walks in the middle of the day, either individually or with another compatible dog. This can be every day for working owners, or one off walks for owners out on shopping trips or family occasions such as weddings.
We also provide longer walks for owners who are unable to excersise their dogs due to illness or injury. 

Dogs are walked individually or with one other compatible dog. We do not do van pick ups or pack walks.


As an alternative, some owners prefer their dogs to have company during the day and opt for day care. Dogs can be dropped off in the morning and picked up in the evening or collected by us and returned home at pre arranged times. 

We also offer home boarding for dogs who pefer not to stay in kennels whilst their owners are away. (see our Premier Home Boarding page).

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Cat Sitting

As a stress free alternative to the cattery we offer a home visiting service for your cat, visiting once or twice a day for feeding, litter cleaning, company and cuddles. We always check on their welfare and will take your pet to their vet if necessary.

Most of our cat clients are ''house cats'', but we also visit cats who have cat flap access to the outside, and some whom we let out in the morning and back in at night.

As part of our service we will also water your plants, take out your bins and remove your post from the door step.

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Small Animal Care

We look after small animals of all kinds including budgerigars and parakeets, hamsters and mice, guinea pigs and rabbits.

We no longer offer boarding in our home but do offer a pop in service to care for your pets in their own environment.




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